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Bathtub Installation Arrington, TN

A bathtub can be much more than a place for your daily preparation. Modern bathtubs offer a wide range of options, styles, and designs that can greatly enhance your bathing experience while beautifying your bathroom. The team at Franklin Bathroom Remodelers stays up to date on the latest bathroom renovation trends and can help you choose a bathtub that you’ll love for years. Do you need assistance during your bathing time? We offer a wide range of walk-in tubs and accessibility options that can make your daily life much easier. Our contractors are available today to provide the best bathtub installation and bathroom renovation services in Franklin, TN.

Types of Bathtubs
Modern bathtubs come in countless different shapes, styles, colors, and designs. Whether you are looking for an elegant, antique tub or a sleek, modern hydrotherapy tub, we have a bathtub that will meet your needs and budget. Some of our most popular tubs include free-standing tubs, alcove bathtubs, drop-in tubs, corner bathtubs, and walk-in bathtubs. Once you choose a shape of the tub there are still many other options to add including faucets, showerheads, hydrotherapy options, and more. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today if you are interested in learning more about our bathtub options for your home.

Benefits of a New Bathtub
A new bathtub is a great way to beautify your bathroom while making your bathing time more enjoyable. Many older homes have dull bathrooms. Upgrading to a modern tub can quickly bring elegance, luxury, and style to your bathroom. A new bathtub or bathroom renovation is also a great way to greatly increase the value of your home. Regularly taking baths can also improve your health and offers many different health benefits. We offer a wide range of bathtubs that will look great while meeting your needs and budget. If you are ready to upgrade your bathtub, give our staff a call today for a free consultation.

Walk-In Bathtubs and Accessibility Options
While many of us take for granted, it can be extremely difficult for many people to get in and out of a tub. Seniors, customers with minimal mobility, and customers with special needs can benefit greatly from installing a new walk-in bathtub. We have many options to choose from that can make your daily bath time easier for you and your family. Walk-in tubs also offer many options that can relieve pain, stress, arthritis, and more. Would you like to learn more about installing a walk-in bathtub in your home? Don’t hesitate to give our customer service team a call today for more info.

Bathtub Installation Service
If you’re ready to upgrade your bathtub, give our team a call. Franklin Bathroom Remodelers is the premier bathroom contractor in Tennessee. We have been helping homeowners improve and enhance their bathrooms for years. A new bathtub is a great start to upgrading your bathroom. We offer a wide range of beautiful tubs for your home. Whether you need a new tub for your master bath or an upgrade to your current boring tub, give us a call today.

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